Consultant Intensive Care Medicine

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Intensive Care Medicine
Job Description: 

Responsible for management of any patient experiencing an emergency situation in the Intensive Care Unit. Responsible for management of all ICU patients; except cardiac and pediatric.

Careful application of the admission and discharge criteria.

Evaluation of patients to be transferred to the ICU or actually admitted to the ICU without prior consultation on emergency basis. This evaluation includes: medical history, physical examination, revision of laboratory work and imaging results or ordering new investigation as well as performing appropriate procedures.

Daily progressive notes (not including data recorded on the flow sheet), reflecting physical, laboratory, imaging findings as well as documenting a problem list and the proposed plan for its management.

Regular rounds every 1-2 hours paying attention to vital sign, laboratory results, medications, etc.

Care of mechanical ventilation and invasive catheter insertion.

Sedation and analgesia if required by mechanically ventilated patients or patients requiring investigational procedures in the Cath Lab, Endoscopy, CT Scan or MRI room. (This can be carried out in cooperation with the anesthetist on call).

Consulting any physician from different specialties as needed depending upon the clinical condition of the patient.

Combined rounds with the referring physician if needed.

Teaching and training program for the ICU nursing staff in cooperation with the unit head nurse.

Monthly meeting with the nursing staff to discuss problems and suggestions.

Beside the above: Chairperson of the ICU committee

Monthly meeting with other intensivist to discuss problems and suggestions.

To be notified in case of unexpected deterioration or cardiac arrest as well as in case of admission of critically ill patients or whenever other intensivists need his consultation.

Revision of medical reports written by other intensivists. 

Attends continuing education, safety, infection control and performance improvement programs to keep update, with the current practices.

Job Requirements: 
  • Must have MBBCh Degree or q\equivalent plus additional training as an Intensivist.
  • Must hold a valid license to practice medicine
  • Minimum five (5) years experience as an Intensivist.
  • Excellent command of verbal and written English.
Job Benefits: 
  • Salary Paid tax free
  • Incentives
  • End of contract bonus
  • Severance Pay
  • Free furnished accommodation with free recreation, sports and cultural facilities
  • Free transportation service
  • Up to 7.5 weeks paid annual leave per contract year
  • Up to 2 return airline tickets per contract year (including agreed dependents)
  • Free medical care & emergency dental care (including agreed dependents)
  • Educational Allowance per child (Maximum of 3 children, 4-18 years)
  • Study Leave of 10 working days per contract year and CPD courses
Salary Minimum: 
Salary Maximum: