Naufar Wellness & Recovery

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Based in Doha, Qatar, Naufar will be a ground breaking new sanctuary for wellness and treatment of behavioral disorders. A state of the art purpose built facility which includes 127 residential rooms together with clinics and over 50 individual and group treatment / therapy rooms. An extensive range of hospitality products and facilities including the spa, gym, restaurants and Café, conference center and meeting rooms supported by a personalized level of service. The project will include Residential and non-residential Programs, Assessment Services, and Awareness Programs.


To Be Recognized As a Center of Excellence within 3 Years from Opening.


Assist People with Behavioral Disorders to Achieve and Sustain the Quality Of Life They Aspire For, In a Healing Environment Using Evidence Based Practices.

In addition, for addictive disorders, Naufar will provide wellness-focused awareness and change programs. Naufar will be recognized for its clinical excellence, multidisciplinary compassionate-care and personal service. Our commitment to wellness and excellence will potentiate lifelong transformation in our guest-clients.