Mouwasat Hospital in Riyadh

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Al Mouwasat Hospital, in the Saudi capital Riyadh, is the fifth hospital in the chain of hospitals of the company, which has become a continuation of Al Mouwasat Medical services that covers the main cities in the Kingdom (Dammam, Medina, Jubail, Qatif, and Ahsa)

The hospital has been established in Granada area, near Granada Markets, which is one of the most attractive areas in the city, on an area of 22.000 square meters and an area of ​​buildings of 50,000 square meters surrounded by staff accommodation buildings and, green landscaping, large parking area that accommodate more than 420 vehicles.

This parking facility will provide easy access for patients and their companions to hospital amenities.
The total number of beds is 200 beds distributed over all medical specialties, including intensive care units for adults and infants, isolation rooms and emergency beds.

The room categorization has various types of rooms, like private rooms, semi private and sharing rooms, there is also a number of luxury suites.

The Centre has Radiology department and medical Laboratories equipped by the latest technology provided by the most famous international medical-equipment suppliers, like General Electric, Philips and Siemens.

Equipment in the Radiology department include  a magnetic resonance 1.5 Tesla sophisticated appliance that helps in meticulous diagnosis and precise detection of  all parts of the body, such as the Brain and The Digestive system and spine Meticulously very precisely,  and a C T Scanner  (128 layers), which can diagnose cardiac and circulatory diseases accurately.

The center is also equipped by high-precision Digital X-ray machines in addition to machines for osteoporosis checkup and a Digital Mammogram to detect Breast Tumors, and Ultra Sound Machines. PACS Archiving system has been adopted for X-ray film filing.

​Laboratories are equipped with machines that analyze leukemia, blood and genetic diseases, and microbiology, as well as different kinds of tissue and immunity analysis, hormone analysis, and different diseases analysis.
The hospital is equipped also with the most advanced laparoscopy and endoscopy machines.

In the field of ​​heart diseases, a specialized and integrated unit has been established. It has the facility of cardiac surgery and treatment of heart diseases under the supervision of experienced consultants along with a qualified medical team.  The unit has been supplied by the most advanced Catheter equipment’s Heart Ultrasound equipment, voltage measurement equipment’s and stress ECG examination machines.

A fully equipped room has been also provided for Chest operations and Open Heart surgeries, in addition to seven other operation rooms to support surgery sections and 6 delivery rooms.

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