Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group – Qassim Hospital

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In 2009, the Group’s investments are headed to the Qassim region, Saudi Arabia, where it has an integrated hospital with capacity of 150 beds. Qassim Hospital is the first internationally accredited hospital by the Joint Commission International (JCI) at the level of Qassim region for its excellence in the provision of health care based on the highest international standards.

Qassim Hospital consists of eight floors. It has specialized clinics in all medical fields, an advanced integrated unit, at the level of Qassim, for the treatment of infertility and assisted assisted reproductive technology, as well as a specialized center for obesity treatment. The hospital is designed according to the latest international medical guidelines and specifications of hospitals’ design and construction. Moreover, our hospital is keen on hiring the most qualified medical staff in all disciplines from several European and Arab countries so as to enhance the level of medical services offered to patients, and recruiting qualified administrative staff.

Qassim Hospital is the greatest medical center in the region. Believing in the idea of excellence, uniqueness, and provision of the finest medical services, we have taken the approach of deputizing physicians: in other words, a number of physicians working at The Medical Group in Riyadh (Olaya – Arryan – Al-Takhassusi), and Dubai shall come to Qassim Hospital, which means that patients may get benefit of being treated by any physician working inside the Medical Group without any need for travelling.