Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group – Olaya Medical Complex – Maternity

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The Maternity hospitals of Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group are well known for delivering integrated and unique services on 24/7 basis, which make them a perfect destination for patients. Not mentioning that all the medical staff is made up of professional females, to add more private and comfortable atmosphere. The staff, as well, has an extensive knowledge in dealing with all possible cases, along with the presence of safety precautions and giving birth without pain during the labor. Dr. Sulaiman AL-Habib Medical Group boasts of having one of the most efficient competencies in diagnosing and treating Gynaecology and obstetrics. The hospital comprises, as well, luxurious sweets equipped with all what a pregnant woman can wish for. It has incubators for newborn with surveillance cameras, in case the mother would like to monitor her child during her reservation at the hospital. The hospital includes a special obstetrics and Gynaecology emergency room that can handle any case efficiently; thanks to well-equipped operation rooms that includes fetal monitoring devices and electrocardiogram, along with resuscitation for premature infants. The newborn has an intensive care unit equipped with the latest monitoring devices. Among them, there are pulse oximeter, blood gases test, mechanical ventilation and vital signs monitoring devices. The unit combines as well jaundice treating device by light, and a highly secured system for children safety. What distinguish us: – Full medical staff made up of females to add more privacy – Each mother can monitor her child through special surveillance camera. – Trained and efficient competencies to deal with emergencies accurately and quickly. – Providing back injection if the mother wants to give birth without labor pain and, at the same time, deliver a healthy fetus. – Providing incubators, with automatic adjustments to heat, for premature infants, and sterilizers to keep the child protected.