Cosem Clinic

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Cosem Clinic was founded in 1945 and consists of 6 clinics located in strategic locations in Paris in where there are than 1,000 workers, of whom 265 are dentists. It hosts more than 4,000 patients a day.
For this reason Cosem Clinic is seeking for dentists, whether qualified or not, and doctors who want to work at the Cosem Clinic, either as part-time or full-time. The salary is determined by percentages and depends on the performance of the work as well as the type (for example there are different percentages remuneration for prosthetic, surgical and therapeutic work).

Cosem Clinic offers a standard salary of 3,000€ for the first three months, since the first few months are seen as a period of acquaintance and adjustment. Then profits are clearly higher as the dentists and the doctors understand the way they work, become acquainted with them and acquire their own of the clientele being continuously supplied by the clinic where they work.

Cosem Clinic also fully assumes your relocation to Paris (you and your family if needed). The Clinic accompanies you and helps you find a house, undertakes your registration at the Medical or Dental Association in Paris and your French language training. It informs you and trains you on the French fund management systems.