EuroSynapses Consulting and Project Management Services in the area of Healthcare are focusing in high quality and cost-effectiveness that accommodates all needs and priorities of the Clients and help them to reach their goals and objectives.

The turn-key Project Management Services solutions includes:

i) Preparation and design of Master schedule that will indicate main elements, time and sequences of the project with focus to quality control, cost control, timeline and proper/accurate documentation.

ii) Implementation of the agreed plans and schedule, establishment and procurement management for supply of equipments and consumables.

iii) Operation and management of the established organization/company on 24-hour basis.

iv) Maintenance of the established organization/company on 24-hour basis. Related Marketing, Business and Scientific development.

v) Planning and management of tasks and processes concerning analytical preparation of potential growth opportunities as well the support and monitoring of the implementation of growth opportunities.

We are able to implement and operate a very successful combination of tailor made optimization strategies to improve the operational efficiency and enhance knowledge based economy and innovation from the science to industry.

These optimization strategies are applicable to the wide range of operational processes and positively affect the competitiveness and productivity, translating to increased company profit. Implementing the Eurosynapses HR management models we can positively affect attitude, loyalty and productivity of the employees.