Our mission at EuroSynapses is to provide tailor-made staffing, training and consultation services for Hospitals and Universities, with focus on cost-effectiveness and high quality services.

Our vision is to enhance the globalization potential of individuals, institutions and companies that aim to maximize high-yield growth in research and business development potential, leveraging the client competitive strengths to boost technological innovation, job creation, and financial reserves.

We have launched a number of wide range initiatives and successful projects across Europe, Russia and Middle East, with outstanding reputable quality and efficiency, accurately anticipated in rising demand for optimization and standardization of complex business processes.

We increase the value of the companies with permanent focus on feasibility and in line with the needs and priorities of their business. We are adding value by outsourcing activities that add further value to their business, such as education and training, research and development, networking or outsourcing the Human resources (HR) activities and handle the entire recruitment process and the payroll administration.

Outsourcing these activities enables them to offer not only more services to the client, but also more benefits to their employees with horizontal reduction of workload and costs.

EuroSynapses outsourcing services correspond to an umbrella of horizontal innovative solutions that can strengthen clients capacity in operational efficiency and human capital management. These solutions produce impressive results in cost management, anticipating the rising demand for optimization of complex business processes in our challenging economic international environment.