Pre-Arrival Information

After the successful completion of your file and the stamping of the visa, you will receive a Welcome Letter with contact details of the hospital in which you will be placed. Below you can find a general sample of the Welcome Letter about your arrival in Saudi Arabia but also a lot of useful information.

Congratulations.On behalf of our Management, we are pleased to welcome you the hospital and wish you all the very best for a very positive and progressive tenure with us.


  • Exchange of Currency. As you are aware, the currency used in the Kingdom is Saudi Riyal (SR). Therefore, please ensure to exchange your currency to Saudi Riyal before traveling. It is advisable to bring some Saudi Riyal which you might need in case of an emergency.
  • Men and women should dress in a conservative fashion. Women should wear ankle-length dress with long sleeves. When going out of hospital premises, women must wear a full-length black covering known as Abayya, and cover their heads when asked.
  • Refrain from bringing items or food which is not acceptable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Bring all your original qualification documents and/or contract package; and verify with the agency for any other required documents which you need to bring with you.

Upon your arrival in the airport of Saudi Arabia…

  • Wear your badge as soon as you disembark the plane, to enable our “Meet and Greet” personnel to easily identify you from the crowd.
  • Go directly to Immigration and provide them with your passport to have it stamped. Once you receive your passport from the Immigration personnel, check if they stamped it with the arrival date. If in doubt, ask the “Meet and Greet” personnel later.
  • Submit your passport to the airport guards after you pass the immigration. They will ask you to wait while they contact the concerned “Meet and Greet” personnel to pick you up. While waiting, you may pick up your baggage. Again, make sure that you are wearing your badge. In Jeddah, the guards will return your passport and the “Meet and Greet” personnel will meet you at the baggage carousel. The “Meet and Greet” personnel will retrieve your passport from the airport guard and will look for you. Be attentive as they will call your name in the crowd. Once you hear your name called, show your badge to the “Meet and Greet” personnel.


If you are not sure if the Immigration personnel stamped your arrival date in the passport, this is the time to ask the “Meet and Greet” personnel.

If in any case you find any difficulty in finding our “Meet and Greet” personnel, you have several alternatives as follows:

Option 1. Show your badge to any of the officer in the airport in order for them to help you. The back of your badge bears Arabic and English statement regarding our organization and the Meet and Greet contact details.

Option 2To go to the Meet and Greet office personally, ask any of the Immigration Officers to guide you to the office or follow the directions as indicated in the map at the last page of this brochure. The “Meet and Greet” personnel will give you back your passport and will instruct you where you can find the transportation. 


Follow the “Meet and Greet” personnel outside the airport and look for the transport. The transportation is usually a big bus or a van bearing the logo of the hospital. If the bus is not yet around, patiently wait until it arrives.

In case you are not able to find the transport of the hospital, and you have already waited for a long time, call the “Meet and Greet” personnel at the aforementioned numbers and inform him.

Once you locate the transport, check with the driver if it is for the hospital.

The driver will give you a list where you will find your name and the housing accommodation where you will be assigned. Check if your name is on the list. In case it is not included, inform the driver, so he can check it with Staff Housing Services Department.

Your arrival in the accommodation…


Upon your arrival in the assigned accommodation, the driver will introduce you to the concerned Housing Coordinator. The Coordinator will be the one to accompany you to your apartment.

The coordinator will show you your apartment and will hand you the keys. He/She will give you a welcome letter from Staff Support Services. This includes instructions on how to reach the hospital the next working day.

A pack of food is ready upon your arrival, as well as the necessary linen, towel and comforter for your personal use.

Note: Some compounds have available grocery store inside. Check this with the Housing Coordinator.


New Employee Orientation Procedure 

For Your Information!

The Kingdom’s working week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursdays.

If you happen to arrive on a Thursday or Friday, you may rest for the weekend. You will report in the hospital on Sunday. In case you arrived during weekdays, morning or afternoon, you will have to report in the hospital the next working day.

Proceed to the respective Orientation Office as stated in the “Welcome Letter” which will be provided to you upon your arrival in the compound. Kindly bring with you the following:

  • Passport
  • 10 copies Passport size photos with white background (For Jeddah should be 2×3 cm)
  • Original Employment Contract
  • Original Medical Report
  • Original copies of credentials and other documents requested by the recruitment agency/department

If you need direction to the Orientation Office, please call the telephone number as specified in the “Welcome Letter”.

For arrivals in Jeddah, kindly refer to the Arrival Instructions emailed to you through your respective agency prior to your departure, and report to International Recruitment Services as per the said arrival instructions.

The Orientation personnel will help you get your badge (ID) and your “cash advance” if this is not yet received from the Housing Coordinator.

Orientation personnel will ask for your passport. Submit it to them together with your pictures, as this will be submitted to Government Relations. The latter will keep your passport and they will issue a temporary Iqama (Residence ID), while processing your permanent Iqama.



The temporary Iqama expires after 4 months. Check with Government Relations for your permanent Iqama before the end of the 4th month.

You will be oriented by Orientation Personnel regarding the hospital and the location of the departments which you will have to report to later, such as Employee Health Clinic, Government Relations, Cashier, Communications, ANB Bank. They will also show you the location of the Cafeteria. Moreover, he/ she will accompany you to your respective department.



As much as possible, try to remember the locations of the aforementioned departments, especially Employee Health Clinic, as you will have to report there on your own for your medical exam.

Once you received your temporary Iqama, you may go back to ANB bank and request for an ATM account. Fill out their application form and provide them with a copy of your badge and temporary Iqama.

You will be provided by the Orientation Coordinator with a Letter, addressed to the bank, which confirms your employment in the hospital. Present this letter to the bank when applying for an ATM account.



You will receive your salary through your ATM, so it is a must that you apply for it as soon as possible.

Have your medical taken through Employee Health Clinic as soon as possible, as will be advised by our Orientation personnel.



  • If the agency provided you with the original contract, it is a must that you forward it to Recruitment Services immediately. (The contract is usually on a sealed envelope and addressed to Recruitment Services). You may also leave it with the Orientation Coordinator who will be forwarding the document to Recruitment Services on your behalf.
  • As soon as you receive your Bank Account (either temporary or permanent), it is a must that you submit a copy to HR/ Payroll Services Department. Delay in submitting your bank account will result in freezing your salary.


EuroSynapses Support Services 

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new “Eurosynapses Support Service” with the scope to support our candidates that we are cooperating with since we understand the difficulties that you may have in your new working and living environment.

Taking this opportunity it will be our pleasure to receive from you any comments or request in order to find together the most appropriate solution for you.

Our email for this service is


We wish you a safe trip and we will be waiting for your safe arrival in the Kingdom.


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