Director Nursing Education

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Director Nursing Education

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Staff Management to include recruitment, education, training, evaluation and development, as well as preparation and delegation of work schedules and workflow. Reviews, plans, manages and monitors the unit budget. Participates in Committees and workgroups as required. Maintains high visibility and an open door communication policy. Develops and implements directorate area strategic plans. Originates and analyzes nursing services staff, student, Interns and Resident educational needs assessments. Develops a strategic plan for the Nursing Education Department incorporating the identified long and short-term goals of the division of Nursing Services and NGHA. Communicates educational recommendations to Nursing Executive and Administrative personnel. Facilitates educational programs consistent with Nursing Services practice model, goals and objectives appropriate to the multicultural nursing services staff, students, Interns and Residents. Provides a competency-based nursing orientation program. Maintains all records pertaining to the operation of the area of assignment and generates reports as required. Promotes appropriate utilization of all resources.
Education & Research:
Facilitates the development, implementation and evaluation of educational activities to meet the identified needs of Nursing Services staff, students, Interns and Residents. Encourages and provides an environment to support scientific nursing, research and practice. Assumes responsibility for own professional growth. Participate in teaching and mentoring of Nursing, Medical and Paramedical students, Interns and Residents.
Evaluates effectiveness and cost benefits of nursing education programs to meet the Division of Nursing and NGHA organizational mission, vision, values, goals and objectives. Complies with hospital infection control and safety protocols. Develops, implements and participates in Quality improvement processes and activities
Establishes and maintains an environment that promotes and supports professional practice and the philosophy of life long leaming. Advocates for the needs of the patients and the Program, promotes continuum of care in educational activities. Creates a culture which empowers others to achieve, maximizing individual potential. Models skills of negotiation, critical thinking and team building. Fosters collaborative relations and mutual understanding. Performs other related duties as assigned.


  • Registered Nurse with a current Nursing license
  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing (Western standard)
  • Masters Degree in Nursing/Education (Western standard)
  • Eight (8) years clinical nursing experience of which five (5) years in clinical education and two (2) years position related experience.
  • English Language Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Post graduate certification in area of speciality


  • Salary Paid tax freeΒ
  • Free furnished accommodation with free recreation, sports and cultural facilities
  • Free transportation service
  • Up to 6 weeks paid annual leave per contract year
  • Up to 1 returns airline tickets per contract year
  • Free medical care & emergency dental care
  • Study Leave of 10 working days per contract year and CPD courses
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