Specialist Anesthesia

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Dammam / Riyadh



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Medical Doctor



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Member of the Anesthesia Department in the Operating Room and all over the hospital. Member of the Code Blue Team. Provide Respiratory support and artificial respiration in ICU. Establish the Central venous and arterial lines in ICU or in any area in the hospital. Any other assignment from the management or direct Supervisor.

Pre-operative examination and evaluation of the patients, on night before the scheduled surgery. Informing the Consultant Anesthesiologist on duty about any abnormal findings regarding the condition of the patient and any special investigations, consultations to other departments. Attending the Operating Room daily during working hours and administering all types of General, Regional and Infiltrative analgesia as instructed by the Head of the department. Ensuring the establishment of the I.V. line, recording the vital signs and the continuous monitoring of the vital signs during the procedure; should make sure that the patient will never be left unattended by the Anesthetist in charge all the times. Accompanying the patient to the Recovery Room with the R/R Nurse in charge, ensuring free airway, stable vital signs before leaving the patient for the care of the R/R Nurse and before starting administering anesthesia to another patient. Should supervise the discharge of the patient from the Recovery Room after the fulfillment of the discharge criteria mainly stable vital signs and the recovery of the normal level of consciousness and full orientation.

Post-anesthetic visits by the attending Anesthetist for all the patients transferred to the ICU. Provide Respiratory support and artificial ventilation in the ICU, and following the progress of the condition, recording all the data in the progress notes. Establish the central venous or arterial lines according to the instructions of the Head of the department. Responding the Code Blue call and to be in charge of the Artificial ventilation and the establishment of the venous lines. Accompanying some intubated patient during their transfer to another hospital. Respond to any call during the duty hours, from surgical department to provide any required anesthetic services in any area in the hospital. He should inform the on-call Consultant Anesthesiologist, briefing him with all the data and information after examining the patient and should go ahead and administer anesthesia according to the instructions of the Anesthetist in charge, but if he feels and believe that these procedures needs the attendance of the Consultant Anesthetist in-charge, he should insists to wait until the concerned Consultant arrive and administer anesthesia himself or under his close supervision. He should report to the Head of the department all the vital and important data regarding the patient’s scheduled for surgery and seen by him the night before. There will be one Consultant and one Specialist Anesthesiologist responsible for providing required anesthetic service in any area in the hospital according to monthly schedule and duty route. Both, the Consultant and the Specialist in charge should sign the Anesthesia Record and the Recovery Room Discharge Data Report before discharging the patient from the Recovery Room. If the Consultant on-call instructs the Specialist to provide the required anesthetic service on his own, the name of both the Consultant and the Specialist will be written in the Anesthesia Record. The Specialist Anesthesiologist will respond to the emergency call from the ICU incase of acute respiratory insufficiency and will provide the urgent endotracheal intubation and the necessary respiratory support. He should inform the on-call Consultant Anesthesiologist to take over the management case. Attends Continuing Education, Infection Control and Performance Improvement programs to keep updated with the current practices.


MBBCh and Master degree in Anesthesia.
Current license.

Two years experience in Anesthesia in a reputed hospital.


  • Salary Paid tax free
  • Incentives
  • End of contract bonus
  • Severance Pay
  • Free furnished accommodation with free recreation, sports and cultural facilities
  • Free transportation service
  • Up to 7.5 weeks paid annual leave per contract year
  • Up to 2 return airline tickets per contract year (including agreed dependents)
  • Free medical care & emergency dental care (including agreed dependents)
  • Educational Allowance per child (Maximum of 3 children, 4-18 years)
  • Study Leave of 10 working days per contract year and CPD courses
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