Chief Clinical Officer

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Medical Doctor



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Advising DG and CEO on strategic direction and provides leadership in the implementation of clinical programmes, plans and services. For the clinical functions of naufar, Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) translates and integrates the overall corporate strategic plans of naufar into clinical, research and education goals within a resort environment.

Coordinate the provision of clinical care to naufar’s clients ensuring the development of the highest possible standards in quality clinical care; lead in developing a national program for addiction; lead in developing a supportive legal environment; and providing a suitable environment for education and research in addiction treatment.

Exercise clinical management responsibilities over naufar, with proper controls, procedure and systems to deliver high quality, cost effective and integrated clinical care and integrated with hospitality elements within a resort environment, to meet the needs of primarily the naufar clients, their families, and care-givers. This also includes the management of the budget and cost-effective utilisation of resources associated with naufar.

The CCO is responsible for the overall management and development of a comprehensive and integrated addiction care delivery system that provides quality and cost effective clinical care to clients, while assuring compliance with State of Qatar regulations.

Provides key support to the CEO to achieve Clinical and Organisational Excellence.

CEO leads the development of a unique benchmark for Clinical Excellence. naufar intends to become a global leader in the field of Addiction Treatment, across the whole range of clinical and technical professional disciplines.


• 15 – 20 years relevant experience post graduate qualification in addiction medicine. At least 5 years of this should be at the top management/ strategic level.
• Most of this experience should be at a reputable addiction treatment centre.

• An accredited degree in Medicine from a reputable medical education institute.

• A relevant post graduate qualification/ certification in Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine is a requirement and any further specific focus on addiction treatment will be an added advantage.
• Required hours of continued medical education and training.
• Valid registration with the relevant professional bodies and licensing authorities.
• Relevant academic experience will also be an added advantage.
• Deep knowledge of psychiatry and addiction medicine and other treatment procedures, possible complications that may arise and treatment options.
• Ability to independently coordinate addiction treatment practice and make decisions drawing from previous experiences.
• Adept to research and remain abreast with leading practices and technological breakthroughs in the relevant areas.
• Required behavioral attributes such as empathy, compassion, listening skills, open-mindedness, innovative, perseverance in the face of challenge and adversity, emotional stability.
• Good degree of physical strength, fitness and stamina.
• Willingness to take accountability and responsibility for personal actions and decisions made.
• Objectivity in making decisions, and in the giving and receiving of feedback and critical appraisal. Ability to continually independently audit and improve one’s own patient care and diagnostic decision-making and competency practices


Business class flights.
Family contract covering 3 kids.
2 year contract
Generous cargo shipping allowance. Minimum 300 kilos plus 60 kilos per dependent.
Gratuity service of 1 months salary per annum.
45 annual days leave plus Eid holidays.
Full medical insurance.
Housing allowance 4.000$
Educational allowance 8.000$ per child for 3 children.

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