Medical Physicist

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Dammam / Riyadh



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Allied Health


Medical Physicist

Monthly Salary

From 4000$



Saudi Arabia


  1. Enforce all radiation safety practices at the centers including appropriate and safe operation of radiological equipment
    and handling of radioactive material.
  2. Perform radjation safety and quality assurance surveys of radiological equipment, as part pf a regular Ρeήοdίc safety
    program, and maintain record of the survey data, and report results to the responsible authοrity.
  3. Ensure occupational safety of all radiology staff, other staff and patients who may be exposed to job related οτ
    procedure related radiation by carrying out safety rounds ίη center, ergonomic check, hazardous condition
    identifιcation, safety check and safe use of Personal Protective Equipment and ονΑ reporting related to safety.
  4. Develop and conduct a radiation safety training program for the radiology personnel, coordinate orientation of new
    staff and refresher upgrade of radiation safety protocols knowledge and skίll of radiology staff.
  5. Act as a Liaison Officer from the Department of FMPHC to coordinate activities with the Chainηan of Medical
    Imaging οτ his representative regarding safety protocols, training and continuous professional development of FMPHC
    radiology staff and implementation of other radiology related administrative policies.
  6. Train and coordinate activities with Health Inspectors / Controllers ίη addition to the radiology staff, ίη centers where
    assistance can be sought regarding radiation safety, i.e. ίη Hazmat management, storage, equipment check etc.
  7. ΜοηίΙΟΓ environmental radiation leve15 that both radiology and other 5tafT are exposed to ίη the center with the use of
    radiological equipment and ίη general areas such as basements and rooms adjacent to radiology.
  8. Plan and assist ίη planning radiation-safe new buildings and Ι οτ modifιcations ίη existing physical structure coordinate
    the provision of ερρτορτίειε medical care for the exposed staff as per safety protocols.
  9. Coordinate drills and training for the staff ίη management of possible radiation fallout disaster and scenarios of
    possible intake of patients by the center ίη radiation exposure emergencies.
  10. Perform other job related duties as assigned.


MSC in Medical Physics or Radiation Protection from an accredited institution
Work experience:
Minimum of two (2) years post graduation relevant experience in Radiation Protection in healthcare setting
English Language Skills
Computer Skills


  • Salary Paid tax free
  • Free furnished accommodation with free recreation, sports and cultural facilities
  • Free transportation service
  • Up to 6 weeks paid annual leave per contract year
  • Up to 1 return airline tickets per contract year
  • Free medical care & emergency dental care
  • Study Leave of 10 working days per contract year and CPD courses
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