Computed Tumography Technologist I

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Dammam / Riyadh



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Allied Health


Computed Tymography Technologist I

Monthly Salary

From 4000$



1. Assist and perform Computed Tumography (CT) procedures for all patients as requested and ensure availability of images with required information ίn the Picture Archiving and Communίcation System (ΡACS) and Radiology Information System (RIS) immediately after completing the procedure according το departmental protocols and standards.
2. Produce a substantial amount of cross-sectional x rays of an area of the body to make a three-dimensional image.
3. Review and comply with hospital and departmental polίcies and protocols.
4. Participate ίη the implementation of the departmental strategic plan.
5. Organize, superνise, coordinate and represent the provision of cT serνices.
6. Assist ίη developing the policies, procedures and protocols in the Department of Medical Imaging.
7. Participate in departmental in-serνices and lectures for staff and Radiology students.
8. Coordinate care and safety of patients during ct procedures.
9. Ensure communίcation with patients and staff is meanίngfuI and professional.
” 10. Maintain patient confidentίality. rights and privacy at all times.
11. Handle equipment and related accessοήes safely and responsibly.
12. Cover the department duήng working shifts/on calls as scheduled and duήng emergencies or disaster as requested.
13. Follow establίshed Radiation Protection measures for themselves, patients, other staff and the population ίη general.
14. Set-up and oρerate equipment Ιο perform CT examinations/procedures according το departmental protocols and report all equipment faults and errors tο the Superνisor.
15. Ensure scheduIed work is completed before signίng ουt.
Ι6. Select the proper equipment. accessοήes and techniques ιο obtain the highest irnage quality.
17. Fully inform patients and / or relatives as ιο the nature of the procedure to be performed.
Ι 8. Ensure cοrrect patient identification and site νerificatiοn check.s are undertaken for each examination.
19. Ensure all applicable licenses andIor trainings are maintained cuπent. including Basic Life Support certification.
20. Ensure new staff recei ves the proper level of training and on entatiοn for the hospital. the department and their
specific workplace.
21. Ensure all staff follows established International Patient Safety goals.
22. Represent the department by attending relevant commίttees as delegated.
23. Provide a first level of probIem soIving and suppon for,work related issues.
24. Perform other job related duties as required.


Bachelors Degree in Radiological Sciences or related field or equivalent. Current certification / registration / license to practice CT scan
Work experience:
Minimum of five (5) years in CT scan
English Language Skills
Computer Skills


  • Salary Paid tax free
  • Free furnished accommodation with free recreation, sports and cultural facilities
  • Free transportation service
  • Up to 6 weeks paid annual leave per contract year
  • Up to 1 return airline tickets per contract year
  • Free medical care & emergency dental care
  • Study Leave of 10 working days per contract year and CPD courses
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